July 12, 2014

Stay-Cation July 2014

I took off from work this past week and did just about nothing.  Some days I ran some errands and others I actually got some stuff done around the house.

One day I went to Petsmart to pick up cat litter.  I had $5 in coupons to use on the litter making the huge bag $9.  WOO-HOO!  I checked out the fish while I was there.  It was just something to do.

I drove past a farm that had hay bales and decided to pull in and take some pictures.

I love the hay bales rolled up. 

My dad always calls them tootsie rolls and we always laugh at him and tell him they are more like cinnamon rolls.  Sometimes they are covered in white plastic and that's like the icing on the rolls.  haha

One day while out I stopped off at Alum Springs Park.  My mom took my siblings and me here a lot when we were little.  It pretty much looks the same except the trees are much bigger.

A bench.

Big trees

Trail to bridge.

Here's the bridge.  For some reason I remember this being slightly different and scary.

If you look close you can see some fish.  There were several swimming in this section.


The best part about this place is that you actually drive your car through the water.  :)

I walked through the water and walked around down the stream.

Here's me standing in the middle of the stream.

Some trickling water.

Me coming back across the water....stepping in it.  Felt good because it was hot and the water was cool.

I stopped at a farm and took pictures of a corn field.  No, there's no kids hiding in there.

Up close corn on the cob.

Corn....see no kids hiding in there.

I finally tackled a kitchen cabinet that has become a junk cabinet.  By tackled I mean it's not done.  
Here's the before picture.

I took everything out that didn't belong and put it in a big basket.  99% of this stuff is my husbands and I need him to go through it.  I'm going to let him have the bottom part of the cabinet to put things.  (since picture I have take out the hot pads and moved them to the top)

Our cat, Lizzy has been having a hard time dealing with Harley's loss.  She's been crying a lot and looking around for him.  Poor thing.  My husband suggested getting some catnip for her so I made another trip to Petsmart and picked some up.  It was all on sale.  I got this little 3 pack for $6.

Lizzy loves it.  She's calmed down quite a lot.  She still cries a little bit but we're all still mourning our little buddy, Harley.  It's cute when she picks up the little bag and carries it around.  

The big thing that I wanted to get done was organize the basement.  I went down there at 11:30am in the morning and didn't leave until I was done which was about 3pm.  :)

Here's the before picture.  What a mess.  (husbands mess)

I put everything nice and neat into containers.  (I still need to label them)  I put books back on shelves.  I filed all our keep papers.  And the desk in the right corner is where I currently have our Craigslist items so it's in one place and not in our dining room.

Nice and neat.  I still want to get rid of the black square and the red bag.  We'll see.

The other side of the basement.......Is the gym area and the computer graveyard.  This computer graveyard will be going.  I want it out this summer.  I left it in the middle of the room so we can be reminded to get rid of it.  It's all junk.

My older sister, asked if I could make some of my chocolate chip cookies for a bake sale she was having with a friend to raise money for a charity.  I said yes.  
I made the cookies yesterday and packaged them this morning.

Before I start I like to put everything I need on the counter.  I don't even need to look at the recipe while making these because I have it memorized.  :)

I mixed up a batch and a half.  I can get about 2 dozen cookies out of 1 batch.  I did a half batch so that I could be certain I got 2 dozen and then a few leftover for a treat for my husband.

Scooped cookie dough on cookie sheet.

Cookies cooling


Here's the cookies all packaged for the bake sale.  
Proceeds raised went to a local group raising money for Chiari.

I had a great week off.  I can't wait to do it again.  Sometimes the best vacation is a staycation.  :)

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