July 6, 2014

Garden Update: Week 20

This is week 20!  It's crazy that my garden has been going strong for 20 weeks now.  Of course, the first part of the garden life was indoors.  Speaking of indoors last week I mentioned the only thing I had in the house was my aloe plant.  As promised here's a picture of it. I got it back on April 20th and it's not so little anymore.  :)  I'm thinking it might need to be repotted into a bigger pot.

Here's the container garden on my back deck.

I don't know if bees are drinking from the bee water station or not.  I have to fill it with water daily.  I still haven't seen a bee in there but each morning there are A LOT of bees in the flowers.  :)  Here's a close up of the marbles in water.

Here's a freshly watered cherry tomato.  Not red yet.

I harvested a bunch of yellow toms, a weirdly shaped zucchini (biggest one yet this year) and a cucumber.

Yummy toms!

I have several watermelons growing.  :)

Off deck I have growing in ground some spaghetti squash.  :)  This is the biggest guy.  It's bigger and bigger everyday.

For scale, here's a picture with my hand.

I also found another little guy.  In picture you can see it on the left of the wooden stake.  And I noticed in the picture if you look to the right of the wooden stake you will see another small one.  YAY!!  :)

So........back on the deck.......I have EGGPLANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's what they looked like earlier in the week.

And then on Friday, I saw purple.

Here's a picture I took yesterday.

The bolted lettuce is still in the garden.  I like the flowers in the morning because it brings the bees to the garden and it does look pretty.  I noticed today that some looked like dandelion weeds.  You know...the kind you blow to make a wish.  :)

My big beef stake tomato was yellow.

And then finally started turning red.


Time to pick!

Nice big red tomato.

My white potatoes are almost ready.  I'll probably be dumping the pot over sometime this week while I'm on a vacation staycation.  :)

I have 2 new sunflowers coming in.

They aren't perfect but they are still lovely.

Carnival Squash.....This is the biggest one.

This one is half green and half yellow.  Not sure why.


Squash growing

More cucumbers growing.  This guy will probably be ready this upcoming week.

Rose bud still not popped yet.  Soon.....soon.

Thanks for reading!  :)  Happy gardening and happy harvesting!

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