July 12, 2014

Farmers Market 7/5

On one of my days off this past week, I decided to head over to a farmers market to pick up a few items.  I figured if I stopped by then I wouldn't have to go over the weekend.  I've loved going to this market but I never get to go anymore because I'm working during the open times.  There's not as many vendors here as there was in the past.  But that's okay the ones that were there were great.  They had a lot of good stuff.

I had $6 in cash for what I needed.  I needed:  peppers, potatoes and an onion.  I went ahead and got what I needed first thing so I could then just walk around.  I spent $4.35 total.  That left me with $1.65 in case something else caught my eye.

I then took some pictures of produce.

So many vibrant colors.

I hope my watermelons grow this big.

Tomatoes galore!

Fresh corn

I see peaches!  :)  I was tempted but didn't get any.

Here's my market tote.

 I got exactly what I needed and best of all it's all from a local farm.  :)

Oh yes, I also got a message that I had veggies on my desk from a coworker.  I had a friend who went out during her lunch and I met her to pick up my goodie bag.  

Inside was 4 ears of corn, zucchini and lots of squash.  YUM!

Oh and I found this guy on one of the ears.  I quickly put him in my bug jar after taking a picture of him of course.  I wasn't about to let a japanese beatle escape and then land in my garden and eat something I've been growing.  :)

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