July 27, 2014

Sunflowers in Haymarket

Back in the Spring, Kristen and I went to Haymarket to Burnside Farms to see the "Tulips in Holland".  In the summer the farm has a field of sunflowers.  It's pollinator heaven as Kristen called it.  LOL

As you walk in at the front entrance I noticed 2 signs.  Pollinator Habitat sign and a Monarch waystation sign.  I'd seen the Monarch sign recently on instagram from someone I follow.  They had just gotten the sign because of all the monarch butterfly caterpillars they have.  The signs basically let people know that they don't use pesticides and are keeping bees and butterflies happy.  I like it!  :)

Here's the welcome sign on the way in.  Kristen and I both got a single day sun pass.  It's a little card that I will add to my rainman.  We were told the rules as we got our card.  You were allowed to pick sunflowers.  They were $1.50 each.  You also have to watch out for the pollinators (as the worker said) so you don't get stung.  The worker said "they won't bother you unless you bother them".  LOL  We were also told that there were over 25 different types of sunflowers in the field.  Awesome!!

There were cute little wagons and baskets for you to use.

There was also a little chalkboard station where you could write and use for your pictures.

I drew a sunflower.

Here it is finished.  :)

We began walking rows and taking pictures.

So many beautiful sunflowers and bees.

So pretty!

We thought about getting some sunflowers but we both decided against it.  There were so many happy bees tending to each of the flowers we felt we would let them bee.  :)

Fun!!  :)  After the sunflowers we used the 'around me app' and found a Target.  I asked Kristen if we could go because I had a list and so did she.  I knew she wouldn't turn down a Target run.  haha  It was a Super Target which was cool.  It was in Gainesville and everyone there shopping was rude and snobby as hell.  We couldn't believe that no one there had any manners.  So rude....we will never go back to that Target.  
After buying our stuff we then drove to Culpeper to an Outback for a wonderful good lunch where we had a very nice waiter.  We  then decided to make the trek back to my town making one stop along the way......YODER'S!

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