July 20, 2014

Garden Update: Week 22

Week 22 already on my garden update.  It's crazy that it's already been 22 weeks.

Looking good.....it's really humid today so things seem a little dry.  I need to give them another drink.

One of my hot as hell peppers turned orange.  I gave these to my traffic girl at work.  She said they are chili peppers.  She loves them.  I told her she'll be getting all of them because they are just too hot for me.

I picked 2 sweet bell peppers.  They weren't that big but I still cut them up for dinner.

I also picked these 3 peppers.  All rotted.  :(  You can't always win.

This day I got a good harvest.

I successfully grew 2 eggplants!  :)  YAY!!  Look how beautiful they are.

I also got some chili peppers, my first red cherry tomato for the day and 3 yellow toms.

Here's my first red cherry tomato of the season.  It was so perfect.  No imperfections and it was so sweet.

Here's the squash and oddly shaped zucchini I picked.

A few days later....here's some more toms that I picked.

This afternoon, while watering I checked my spaghetti squash.  I have 2 growing.

This guy was ready to be picked.  It's my first spaghetti squash I've ever grown.

So perfectly yellow.  :)

My beef stake toms seem okay but the leaves and stems are brown.  :(  I hope the tomatoes at least finish growing.  I've only gotten 1 big ripe one so far.

I have another sunflower opening.  I've had 4 or 5 total that have bloomed and since died.  They are so nice and they attract a lot of bees.  :)

I have some more cucumbers growing.

Here's another one.

I picked 3 pea pods this morning.

Here's the peas from the pods.  Yummy.  :)

Some more yellow toms ready to be picked.  This plant has produced so many delicious tomatoes for me.  :)

Here's the 2 I picked today and already gobbled up.  :)

Happy Gardening!  :)

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