July 27, 2014

Yoder's Country Market

After the sunflowers....we went to Yoder's Country Market.  We discovered this place many years ago.  It's run by a family who are Amish/Mennonites.  We've stopped here a few times over the years.  Especially, when we have a craving for Guggisberg Cheese.  
Kristen and I hadn't been in a while so we figured we would go.

I spent a little over $11.  I got 1 pound of sliced guggisberg cheese, a cherry fry pie and a package of angel biscuits.  Nate was happy to see the cheese!!  The little cherry fry pie (MY FAVORITE) I cut in half for us to share last night.  :) Some of the biscuits I served with our pork loin dinner I made tonight.

After I put my stuff in the car, I walked over and checked out the STINKY animals.  These animals were really stinky.  LOL  Kristen waited in the car.  I guess she knew they smelled.  haha

Here's a pig eating some scraps.

Chicken coop


I love peacocks.  They are so magnificent to me.  The colors are amazing.

Here's some emu's and my picture was photo-bombed by an alpaca with buck teeth.  LOL


Alpaca......no care in the world.

There was cute little piglets running around.  They were so tiny.  :)

This guy kept following me.  He wanted food.  The look on his face says:  "Pardon me but could you please stop taking pictures and feed me".  There was little feeder stations set up to buy food for .25 cents.  I didn't buy any though....just took pictures.  Sorry little guy.

When I got in the car Kristen could smell the farm animals on me and then I too got a whiff of it.  GROSS!!!!  I had to put my window down for a bit to 'air out'.  LOL  :)

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