July 14, 2014

Happy Birthday Joseph!

My nephew, Joseph is 16 today.  Time flies!!!

My sister, reserved a room at Maggiano's for his birthday party with family and friends yesterday.

Joseph's name was on the welcome sign.

His name was also on the outside of the room.

My sister got that cake from Wegmans.

There was a small candy bar set up and favor bags for you to scoop candy.

Here's 1 of the tables with the decorations.  There was 4 round tables total.

Here's the menu.

This is Joseph!  His biggest present from his mom was a new Iphone.

This is Aggie.  :)

Here's Aggie and Ellie.  Aggie is showing Ellie a book.  They are cute little friends.

What are the girls pointing at? 

Ahhh.....BALLOONS!  :)

There was lots of yummy food.  Fried Zucchini!!  So yummy!  :)

Ellie is digging in Aggie's bag to find some fun toys to play with.

My dad holding Ellie.  He made some funny faces and Ellie was laughing at him.  It was so cute.

The party was fun.  I had to go help my dad find his car when I was ready to leave.  He parked so far away.  We had to drive around the mall parking lot to find the car.  We finally found it.  LOL

Happy Birthday Joseph!!  :)

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