July 21, 2014

New Things Monday

It's time for another New Things Monday!  This is where I try something new and then talk about it.

(Picture taken from google images)

Every time when I go to Wegmans I see other people's carts with at least 2 bags of the boom chika popcorn.  I needed to know what the hype was.  So on a recent trip at Wegmans doing my usual weekly shopping I cut through the organic section and passed by the popcorn display.  I saw 'lightly salted' and 'sea salt'.  I grabbed just one bag of the sea salt.  But you know what.....my gut told me to grab two bags and I didn't.  Once my husband and I tried it we were hooked.  I even asked my BFF, Kristen if she'd ever had it and she said YES!  She loves it too.  The best part about this popcorn is that each cup is just 35 calories!  Guilt free!!  :)  So a serving size is 4 cups, only being 140 calories total.  How awesome?  The next time, I went to Wegmans I got 2 bags.  :)  They are 2 for $4!  What a deal!!  This stuff is awesome.  I see on the website that there's kettle corn too.  I NEED to try it.  :)

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