July 12, 2014

Garden Update: Week 21

It's time for a garden update.  This is week 21.

I had 2 sunflowers pop this week.  They are truly magnificent flowers.  The bees love them and they just look so lovely in the garden.  They are easy to grow and I know next year I'm planting a bunch.

So pretty

Here's one of the sunflowers this morning.  It's much fuller in the middle.  If you look close enough you will see several bees.  I counted 4 while taking the photo.

I harvested some more peppers.  I tried one from the last harvest and my mouth felt like it was on fire.  Whew......I had to chug some almond milk.  LOL  I got these at my favorite produce stand as a starter plant.  They were labeled wrong.  :(  They were supposed to be bell peppers.  The other plant is correct but this one produces hot as hell peppers.  LOL  The plant is cute though when it's loaded with peppers.  It looks like a little Christmas tree with bulbs hanging down.  haha

A perfect 10.  Now I just have to find someone who likes really hot peppers.  I gave my dad the others I had and asked if he wanted more.  He said they were too hot.  LOL  I do have an idea in mind for them.  :)

Here's the other pepper plant.  It's loaded with bell peppers.  So far, I've only harvested one.  I hope these grow.  I love bell peppers.

My spaghetti squash is cuter each day.  Can a veggie be cute?  Sure....why not.  :)

This guy has turned yellow but he's not ready to be picked quite yet.

There's another one growing real nicely too.  He's still green.

I have some pea flowers......and just when I was thinking the plant was done producing.

I dumped one of my potato plants this week.  All the leaves were not quite dead yet but I figured I would try anyway.  I should have waited some more.

I did have potatoes.....but they aren't that big.  I only got 8.  I should have kept them growing some more.  Oh well.  There's always next time.  Lesson learned.....don't rush the plant wait for leaves to die.  :)

That same day I picked 2 zukes, a squash and 2 yellow toms.

Here's the other white potato plant.  It has adorable potato flowers!

Eggplants are doing great.  I have 2 so far.

I can't wait till they are ready to harvest.  It will probably be sometime this upcoming week.  

I didn't realize eggplants have thorns.  Did you?  Yeah I found out the hard way.  OUCH!  :(

I have a cucumber that should be ready this upcoming week.  There's some other tiny ones on the plant.

Squash that will be ready this upcoming week.

My carnival squash are doing good.  This is the biggest one.  Looks so perfect.

Here's the multicolored one.  :)

I have 2 more little ones coming in.

Here's my rose bush.  The bud finally popped.

Watermelon is doing great.

Here's my aloe plant inside.  It's the only plant I have in the house.

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