April 20, 2014

Garden Update: Week 9 (Part 2)

Week 9 update- Part 2.  I did some re-potting this morning so.........

Here's what my container garden outside looks like now.

I planted some newbies this morning.  Some white potatoes (from eyes of a potato I had), an orange lilly, and a beef steak tomato plant.  I really love the green color pots.  These are the new ones I picked up yesterday.  I want more of them....I'm gonna call them garden green or green thumb green.  :)

I also noticed I have a nice big squash flower!  :)

And my big strawberry is turning red.

This is the inside now.  I put all my cherry tomatoes in a window box with a trellis so they can starting climbing up it.

My peas are still climbing.  I think there's about 5 pods now!  :)

Here's the biggest pod.  You can see the peas in there.  :)

This is the aloe plant I got from IKEA.  I potted it this morning.

My lavender plant is growing like crazy.  I think I am going to have to repot it soon.

I have 3 sprouts now on my sunflowers.

And here's flower petals from the peas and sunflower seed casings I've collected in the window.  :)

I hope everyone had a great EASTER.  We spent the day at my in-laws and had a good time.  For dinner we had grilled pork chops, roasted red potatoes, saffron rice with broccoli, and biscuits.  It was also Gene's birthday and I brought a chocolate cake from Wegmans.  
It was very moist and delicious.  Good times with family.  :)

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