April 28, 2014

Produce Stand- Visit 6

Sunday was a busy day.  I had a huge to-do list in no particular order.  Just stuff that needed to be done mostly around the house.   You know....those chores no one wants to do.

-grocery Store
-meal plan
-mop floors
-re-pot plants
-lowes for soil and pots
-gather trash
-trash dump
-wash bedding
-put stuff away
-make veggies for the week
-make protein for the week
-make dinner

Needless to say the relaxing part didn't really happen until I was eating dinner.  I had so much to do and Nate couldn't help me because he was out with some friends target practicing.  You gotta be prepared for the zombie apocalypse right?  :)

I got a late start.  I wanted to be up and out of the house early before the church crowds hit the stores.  But that didn't happen.  OOPS!  I did do some menu planning and I decided I needed some more veggies than what I got the day before at the produce stand so I went back Sunday morning.  I didn't want to get the produce from the grocery store, plus I had an excuse to go back to the produce stand.  :)

Here's what I got.  Some more cherry tomatoes, red potatoes, a zucchini, a squash and a salad mix.

I spent $7.60 on everything.  (I spent $14.50 the day before bringing my produce total to $22.10 for the week)

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