April 8, 2014

Garden Update: Week 7

An update on my garden....(little late.....these pictures are from Sunday 4/6)

How pretty does everything look?  :)

I did some rearranging and repotting.  Here's some seedlings.  I moved the lettuce into the bigger pot (at bottom of picture).  Everything is still growing beautifully.  Some plants are growing really slow though.

Here's my green bell pepper starter plant I got from Lowe's.

My marigolds I started from seed.

My lavender plant I got from C&T Produce stand.

My strawberry starter plant.  So many flowers and berries.  :)

My red potatoes.  (I don't have a picture right now but I have a new sprout as of this morning 4/8).  :)

A new pea sprout.

Sprouts on my mixed bell peppers.

I repotted my sunflowers.  Some didn't make it and snapped.  :(  Here's what's left.  I staked them and they seem mad at me.  I hope they fluff back up.  We'll see.  I'm leaving them outside.  They are too big to have in the house and I needed to make some room for other plants.  The other plant is the rose plant I saved last year.  I left it outside during the winter.  I picked up the dead leaves and there's new green growth so I think it's will start blossoming soon.  :)

I ran out of soil after repotting the sunflowers.  Looks like I might be making a trip to Lowe's this weekend for some container soil.  :)

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