April 8, 2014

Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens

After the dinosaurs and lunch we went to Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens.

We wanted to see all the flowers.  We were a little disappointed because a lot of flowers hadn't bloomed 100% but it was still fun and such a nice day.

Here's some pictures...

A greenhouse.....it was locked.

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month so the blue pinwheels are for prevention.  There were A LOT.

Some turtles basking in the sunshine.

There was a daffodil show going on.  I walked in and looked around, took some pictures and then left.  Kristen waited on the bench.  haha

There were a TON of daffodils.  I never knew so many existed.  There really is something out there for every one.  :)

These daffodils were very tiny.

Some more pics....

Love this picture....

Much prettier in person.

Every now and then I found one of these flowers.  I'm not sure if they came off of the plant they grew on or if someone picked it off.  It was very pretty.

It was fun....and we checked out the gift shop before we left.  I bought 2 mushrooms for my gnome garden.

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