April 21, 2014

Produce Stand- Visit 4

I stopped at my favorite new place, C&T Produce stand today.  

On my list was to get peppers and cherry tomatoes.  I ended up with a little more than that.  I also got a bag of salad mix and I got 2 onions.

Fresh salad mix and onions

Cherry tomatoes 

Green Bell Peppers

Everything is vibrant in color, big in size and best of all is farm fresh!  :)  I spent $12.15 for everything.  The salad mix was $2 for the whole big bag, the peppers were .75 cents each, the onions are $1.25 per pound and the cherry tomatoes are $2.50/pint.  I got 2 pints b/c I love taking these guys to work to snack on.  :)  At the grocery store I was buying cherry tomatoes at $4 per package and not getting the quality that I am at this produce stand.  I'm saving money and getting fresh veggies.

I made a small side salad with my dinner tonight.  Fresh salad mix, cherry tomatoes, some ranch dressing and black pepper.  It was yummy!  :)  My husband even raised his eyes and said "that smells good" so I made him a nice big salad with some chicken, low fat cheese, cucumbers, black pepper and croutons.  He's not a tomato person so more for me.  :)

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