April 8, 2014

Sunday Morning errands

So, on Sunday morning I got up and put a turkey in the oven and then went to run some errands.

I stopped off at the grocery for a few things I need for the week.  I spent $21! Woo-hoo!  

I then went to Lowe's to the Garden Center to see the starter plants.

I took my time walking around and looking at all the plants and flowers.

Strawberry plants!


Some more pictures....

I love going to the back and checking the reduced section.  This is where I got some plants, including my lemon tree last year.  :)  I always like to see what kind of plants there are and that I could possibly save.  
I didn't see anything that interested me this time.

Next stop, I went to the C&T Produce Stand.  It just opened this past weekend at a roadside stand and I had to see what was there.  

Carnival Squash





Sweet Potatoes

At Lowe's I bought some containers and 2 plants....

Green Bell Pepper starter plant

And a strawberry plant.  This plant is loaded so I hope I get them to ripen.  :)

At C&T Produce I spent $10.25.  I got 2 HUGE carrots, a carnival squash, 2 big red bell peppers, 2 white potatoes and a lavender plant.

I bought these mushrooms at Lewis Ginter's gift shop and I put them in my gnome garden.

My gnomes were happy to see some shrooms.  :)

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