April 7, 2014

Dinosaur exhibit

This past Saturday morning, Kristen and I went to the Spring Bada Bing in Richmond.  It's basically a bunch of Etsy sellers getting together and selling stuff.  They hold it at different places every time.  This time it was at a brewery.  The parking was horrible b/c there wasn't anywhere to park.  We finally did find a place to park where we had to walk a ways to get to the building.  It's free to get in so that's always a plus.  We didn't spend any money on anything though.  This place wasn't that ideal b/c it was very crammed and those with baby strollers really couldn't get around that great.  I also know with handmade things it's gonna cost more but some things were just way over priced for my liking.

Anyways...........we left and went to go see dinosaurs.  :)

I love dinosaurs!  I've loved everything about them since I can remember.  When I was 10 years old I had a dinosaur themed birthday party.  

I even have the picture to prove it!  The brontosaurus is my favorite!  And the "Land before time" was one of my favorite movies.  I also liked the 90's version "Land of the Lost". 

I saw there was a dinosaur exhibit at the Science Museum of Virginia so I asked the BFF if she wanted to go.  She was totally in b/c just like me she loves dinosaurs too.

We paid our $12 and walked right to the exhibit.  We were the only 2 people there!  LOL  We played some dinosaur type video game.  If I remember correctly, Kristen failed twice.  I passed and my dinosaur made it out alive.  :)

Here's a triceratops.  It moved and roared.


And well that was pretty much it.  Needless to say we were both highly disappointed.  We wish there was more to see.  We walked around other exhibits and admired the building b/c back in 1917 it used to be a train station.

Then we went to Ruby Tuesday and had the salad bar.  :)

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