April 8, 2014

Flower Bed Project

This weekend my husband wanted to check something off the 'honey do list'.  One of those items was "replace the front flower bed".  This flower bed sits at the end of our driveway on the corner of the front yard.  The wood that was there was falling and broken.  I was pretty sure there was termite damage.  
We spent some good money at Lowe's this weekend.

Here's the before shot:  Ugly right?

Sure enough I was right.....there was termite damage.  Lots of them and also lots of ants.  GROSS!

Never seen a termite?  Look here.

Nate started this project on Saturday but ended up going down to his dads.  His dads detached garage caught fire and the entire garage and all of it's contents are gone.  So scary!!!  We're glad no one was hurt.

Nate finished up the project on Sunday while I was out running errands.

Here's Nate cleaning up the mess once he was finished.  He was so great and took everything to the landfill afterwards.  :)  I had cleaned out the shed while Nate was finishing up and I had a pile of stuff that needed to go to the landfill too.

Here's the after photo:

Looks great doesn't it?  This was the first time my husband ever did anything like this.  It looks professional.  We need to get some flowers for the middle but for now this looks awesome and will do until we decide what to put in there.

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