March 20, 2016

Valentine's Oreo Pops

A friend, hired me to make her 50 Valentine's Oreo Pops for a party.  I looked up Oreo pops on pinterest and came across a ton of them.  

I got everything I needed to make them.

melting chocolate (pink and red)
lollipop sticks
styrofoam block (to set pops in to dry)

*I bought a little extra so I did return the extra stuff that I didn't use or open and I also used coupons to make the items I needed much cheaper* cute.  :)

First, you separate the Oreos and then melt some chocolate. Put some melted chocolate on one end of stick and place it on the icing side of cookie.  Then put the other side of cookie on and press a little so it holds.  Let dry.

Then I coated each cookie and sprinkled on some sprinkles.

Put pops in the styrofoam block to dry.  Adorable right?

Once dry I put them in a little bag and tied them.

I found some pink tissue and a large pink gift bag in my stash.  I put the tissue paper in the bottom of the bag and put all the pops in there so they'd be easy to transport.

They came out adorable and I was told they went pretty quickly.  YAY!!  These are easy to make they are just very time consuming.  And you have to be quick b/c you don't want the chocolate hardening up before you're done with it.  I had fun making them and I got some good extra money.  :)

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