March 20, 2016

BFF day

Last month, my BFF and I planned a day to do whatever we wanted.  It started off with breakfast at the Brick House diner.  We both love this place and hadn't been in a good while so it was time to go.

I got my usual, Belgian waffle with eggs, bacon and grits.  How good does that waffle look?  Now I kinda want one as I write this blog post.  haha

I don't even remember all the places we went.  I know one place was Lowes.  I got a great deal on a big orchid on clearance for $6.  I also picked up some orchid potting mix.

I got these awesome passion flower seeds too.  :)  K bought some gardening pots and a few seed packs.

We went to Trader Joe's but once we pulled in the parking lot we realized it was the day before the super bowl and everyone was there shopping.  We decided not to deal with that headache of a mess so it was time for lunch instead.  K suggested Cafe Rio Mexican Grill.  I said sure.  She raved about how good it was and it was delicious.  Everything was tasty.

We went back to K's house and did rainman stuff and menu planning stuff.  K and D had to meet her brother, sister-in-law and nephew for dinner so I left.  I figured I'd surprise my sister and niece.  They were all surprised.  :)  We ended up at Sweet frog where I treated them to some froyo.  :)  Ellie loved it!  :)

Here's my new orchid baby with my 2 others.

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