March 20, 2016

2016 Garden Update #2

A few days ago, while I was watering my seedlings all I could hear was the birds singing.  It was so peaceful.  :)


It was nice and sunny out.  Here's a picture of my feet in my garden clogs.

Here's what my green house looks like after today.  I don't have any sprouts yet from any of the seedlings I planted last weekend.  I should get some sprouts any day now.

I made some eggs for breakfast this morning and kept the shells.

I rinsed out the shells.  I poked a small hole in the bottom of each shell with a toothpick.

I filled each shell with some fresh soil.

I decided to do some more cherry tomato seeds.  You can never have too many tomatoes. 

I also found an onion sprouting in my pantry so I planted it this morning.

Have you started any seeds yet?  What do you like to plant?

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