March 20, 2016

2016 Garden Update #1

After my shed/yard clean up I decided to start some seeds in my green house.

Here's what I have planted.  Yes, I have little plastic dinosaurs in my green house.  Dinos rock!

I planted some cherry toms, peas, marigolds, green beans, and sunflowers.

Cute picture of my gloved.  :)

Here's my succulent that survived the harsh winter.

I figured the guy could use some fresh soil and a nice clean pot so I dug him out.

Here he is in his pot.

I had some red potatoes in my pantry that I let sprout so I could plant them.

I cut off some of the spouts.

Here's the spouts planted.  In a little over 100 days I should have potatoes.  :)

Top view of potatoes and succulent.

I can't wait or the full garden season to start.  I love all my little plants and especially the one that gives me a delicious harvest.  :)

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