March 20, 2016

Spring Yard Clean-up 2016

Last weekend, the weather was great.  I decided to clean up the shed and yard a little bit.

I started with the shed.  I grabbed all my garden containers and moved them outside.  They need be cleaned up real good and I need to throw out the cracked ones.  I also found some trash and some things I didn't want and just tossed it in the trash.

This huge bumblebee was in the window.  I heard a weird noise and I looked in the window and saw him.  I don't know if I disturbed him moving stuff out or what.  But he stayed in the window so I left him alone.

Here's all my containers.  haha  Do you think I have enough?  Pretty colors.  :)

I went behind the shed to see how my sycamore tree looked.  It needed a good trim.  There were branches going into the neighbors yard.  I didn't want to be that neighbor so I figured it was time to clean it up.

Here's the saw cutting into a branch.

I have a bunch of branches I still need to clean up.  My dad is coming over tomorrow with his truck so I can get rid of them.  I know the trash dump won't take them so my dad said he could get rid of them for me.  I have the day off from work tomorrow so I can get some stuff done.

I also have some rabbit holes in my yard.

I had some dirt I wanted to get out of my wheel barrow so I used most of this.  I have a little left that I want to use up.

This hole is at the gate.  My dad filled it in for me years ago.

Up close....

I had some fill dirt so I filled in the hole above and another hole that was on the other side.

We've had some rain so I'm sure the holes probably need more dirt.  I haven't checked yet.  I will look tomorrow.  My dad might be bringing me some fill dirt too since I don't have much more.  
We will see.

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