March 21, 2016

MY secret neighborhood pond

I walked over to the pond today to just take in some nature.  This is going to be my new favorite spot for a while I think.  I wished we'd discovered it sooner.  It's that awesome.  I love it.

Here's the trail walking down to the pond.  I might bring a trash bag next time I'm there.  Some jerks like to leave some beer cans behind.  Why do people do that?  If you are going to go enjoy the area at least clean up after yourself.

It's so inviting....

I can't wait to come visit here in the summer.

Lots of Canadian geese swimming around.  They seemed very content and didn't care that I was there.

Huge beaver's very cool.

Wild flowers

I walked back up to road and then found another trail to the other side of pond.

I walked down it.   I hesitated at first but saw the path and thought let's do it. :)


The water is very shallow in this marsh area of the pond.

Bird flying....Do you see it?

Some cattails.

How cool right?

I walked back up hill and then headed for home.

I love this spot.  Next time, I'm bringing the good camera to get some awesome shots.  :)

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