March 20, 2016

Chicken Dreams.....

I met up for lunch with my friend Melissa a few weeks ago.  She gave me some farm fresh eggs.  I can't say no to that.  :)   She was one egg short of a dozen when she gathered eggs that morning.  haha
Look at all the pretty colors.

I love these farm fresh eggs.  We talked about chickens over lunch.  Melissa has a bunch of chickens and she's full of chicken information.  She offered to give me baby chicks.  She said she will fertilize some eggs and in 21 days they will hatch.  I'm really considering doing it.  I want to go to Melissa's farm and see her chickens, coop and other animals.

I've made a pinterest board and I'm doing my research.  I've looked up the rules for my county and I'm allowed to have 2 chickens.  YAY!!  I need to submit my application, pay $30 and draw a plan on how my backyard will look with a chicken coop.

I also checked out some books from the library to read.

And then I picked up 2 more.  My husband took this picture making fun of me on facebook.

These are the 2 chickens I want.  Barred Plymouth Hens and Ameraucana Chickens.

I've even come up with chicken names with my BFF.  For some reason old lady names fit with hens.

I still have to convince my husband that chickens will be fun to have.  If we do it and we hate it then at least we tried.  But how can you hate getting eggs from your own chickens?  Yes, I'm sure cleaning a coop is a pain in the butt and I'm know chicken poop smells.  But you get over those little things.  We don't have any other pets right now and I feel like I need something to love and take care of and I think chickens will fill that void.  I'm not ready for a new cat.  I still miss my Harley.


  1. So funny...I have two hens and their names are Gracie and Penny, the first two names on your list. My rooster is Ernie. :)

  2. Thanks for sharing @scrambledhenfruit. :)