March 21, 2016

Fun day off

Today I was off from work to do whatever I wanted to do. :)

This morning, I watered my seedlings and checked for sprouts. Nothing yet.

I met some old friends (Toni and Trish) for lunch.  I got the BLT and this thing was huge.  I ended up only eating half.  (I actually gave the other half to my dad when he came over to help me with my tree branches.  He loved it.)

Anyways, after lunch I went to Tractor Supply.  This is probably going to be my new favorite store.  haha  I saw these boots and fell in love with them.  If I do get chickens these boots will have to be mine.  I just hope the price comes down.  They are $30.  LOL  I'm cheap!

I also found the chicken coop I want.  It was on display.  How adorable?

I looked around at all the chicken stuff just to get an idea on what stuff looked like.  I was hoping there would be baby chicks to look at but all the bins were empty.  It's probably just a weekend thing.

I went home and had my dad come over.

I then went to MY secret neighborhood pond for some a stress free and peaceful walk just taking in nature.  I'm so glad we discovered this place.  I asked my dad to come look but he wanted to get home for a nap.  LOL

When I got back to my house, I took a picture of my daffodils.  These are really tiny.  My Aunt Karen planted these a few years ago.  :)   They come back every Spring.  

So pretty!

I did meal prep since I put it off over the weekend.

I made brown rice, washed and cut broccoli, and strawberries, I made some hard boiled eggs with my last farm fresh eggs, and I also made some peanut butter, oatmeal and chia balls.

Here's my last farm fresh eggs and all the eggs left in the house.  :(  (See...if I had chickens I wouldn't be out of eggs).

I like to use washi tape and label my containers so I don't have to open each one to see what's in it.  Plus I put the date so I know when I prepped it so I use it up before it goes bad.

My husband had a crazy day at work so I decided to whip up a little treat for after dinner.  I made Cookie Dough Dip with mini M&M's

So good.  :)

We dipped some animal crackers in the dip.  It was yummy and put a huge smile on my husbands face.  :)

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