March 20, 2016

Garden 2015 Clean-up

I've been busy the last few months so I'm finally able to sit down and catch up on some blog posts.  I have a huge list so I'm hoping to get them all done.  Here we go.

I finally cleaned up all my dead plants I had in my green house.  I didn't have much.

This succulent was okay for a while.

But then....  :(

My blueberry brush is dead but my palm was doing okay.

And then within a few days of harsh winter it died.  :(

My hibiscus was pretty much dead here but still had some green leaves.

It turned all brown and could not be saved.

This is the only succulent that survived.  More on this little guy later.

I had a good 2015 season.  We had a very cold winter with lots of snow at once.  I wasn't able to get into my green house to water plants for some days when the piles of snow had my door blocked.  I need to think of a better winter plan for this year.

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