March 20, 2016

Orchid Love

I have 3 orchids.  Two I bought August 2015.  One was dead and the other was perfectly healthy.  Then last month I bought a large orchid that I saved from clearance.  

The dead orchid is doing really well.  It's full of blooms.

The other orchid has just bloomed again.

Every day there is a new flower.  It's so cool seeing the flowers ready to pop open

The pictures don't even show you how awesome these colors are.

My big orchid has a new shoot.  YAY!!

It's getting longer and longer every day.  Pretty soon there will be blooms.  I can't wait to see them.

I did cut off the dead flowers so the plant will put all it's energy in the new growth.  While watering one of my orchids this leaf just fell off.

Here's all 3 orchids.  They are happy.  :)

Look at all those blooms.  :)

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