March 20, 2016

Judging Certificate and Updated Book

Last fall, I participated in my first judging school.  I had a lot of fun.  I'm actually signed up for a Spring Judging school set in May so I can be certified to judge in baked goods and food preservation.  I can't wait!  I just received my fall judging school certificate a few weeks ago.  

Awesome right?  Maybe you don't think so.  haha  But I do.

I have several papers from the judging school that I want to save if I need to refer back to them.  I grabbed my book that I like to keep class stuff in.  I figured it would be perfect for all my judging school stuff.  I just had to see if there would be room.

I grabbed it and looked through it.  All that's in it, is classes that I have taken on baking.  I have all the papers from the classes I took at Millers Farms.  Pumpkins, Berry, Berry Good, and Pies....pies that make me smile.  I have recipes we were given at the class too. 

I also have papers and notes from the Macarons class I took with A&K.  

I had plenty of room to add in my judging school section.  Now everything is nice and neat in one notebook.  And if I need to refer back I know just where to go.

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