March 27, 2016

2016 Garden Update #3

First some garden humor for you just because..... :)

Alright, now it's time for a garden update.  So many things to talk about.  :)  
Here's what my greenhouse looks like as I type this.  Lovely isn't?

I cleaned up all my containers real good.  These are the ones I love.  I have stacked nice and neat in my greenhouse so I can grab what I need while I'm potting.

The older faded, and cracked containers are stacked outside my shed. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with them yet.  The smaller ones I might use for starting plants but the bigger ones I might put in yard sale pile.  

I made a quick trip to Lowes yesterday morning.  I bought 2 orange bell pepper starters, an original Bonnie Tomato starter, a Roma tomato starter and a purple petunia plant.  All the green bell peppers were sold.  I used a green bell plastic container to hold the plants in while I walked around the gardening area.

I potted the starters as soon as I got home.  The pepper plants kept slouching over because they were too tall.  I used some wooden skewers and some green twine to hold them up.

They look good now.  They aren't slouching.

Up close of pepper plant.

Yesterday, I also managed to get my husband to help me with my shelves I've been wanting to put up.  Yay!!  More room for plant babies.  :)

I planted some more sunflowers, and a hyacinth plant.  I had some random plants from my last birthday and last Christmas that I wanted to get planted.

Here's what my onion sprout looks like now.

Yesterday morning, I was happy to walk in my greenhouse and see my first sprout of the season.  :)

It's a sunflower sprout.  I love growing sunflowers because the are beautiful flowers and not one ever looks the same.

This morning, (Easter) I walked in to give everyone a drink of H2O and I'm excited to say that have some more sprouts.

Another sunflower with the seed shell/casing still attached. (right)  I love it when this happens.  It always happens on my sunflowers.  :)  Yesterday's sprout has opened all the way.  (left)  
You may notice egg shells in some pots......I crushed up some egg shells and sprinkled on my tomato plants.

I helped take the seed shell/casing off the sunflower.

I rinsed the seed shell/casing and I have it drying on the shelf.  Not sure why I like collecting these.

As I watered all my plant babies, I noticed another new sprout.  My first potato sprout of the season.  This is a red potato sprout.  I love garden fresh potatoes.  I can't wait till I have some to eat.

I started a little area that I have been eyeing for a sunflower garden.  I tilled up the dirt real good.

I grabbed my sunflower seeds and threw them in the dirt then covered them up.

I also placed a sign so my husband knows to not bother my sunflower garden.  I hope lots of sunflowers come up.  I can't wait to see this garden progress.  I've never grown anything on purpose by seed in the ground so we will see how this goes.

Here's a cute little flower I found on my way to the greenhouse the other morning.

My phlox in the front flower bed are blooming like crazy.  I love these.  They come back every year.

Chicken update: 

I've submitted my chicken application to my county for approval.  :)  Here's my free hand sketch I had to include in the application.  *Fingers crossed*

And I'm gonna leave you today with a little chicken humor....  :)

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