March 20, 2016

Freezer Crock-pot Meal Prep Party #1

At the end of February, I hosted my first ‘Freezer Crock-pot Meal Prep Party’.   I got the idea from Pinterest.  The hardest part is deciding what you want to make.  :)
Basically, you choose 1 recipe to assemble.  We had 5 people participating so each person makes 5 batches of  their recipe during the party.  This means at the end of the day everyone goes home with 5 meals ready to throw in the freezer for the crock pot.
Each person brings their own groceries for their recipe, a cutting board, knife, and measuring cups/spoons for their recipe. The hostess provides a light lunch/brunch and the counter and table space for guests to work on.  Assign one person to be in charge of freezer bags and sharpies.  Also make sure to send some things to your guests that you just don’t like to eat.  Example:  I don’t eat any type of seafood so by letting your guests know ahead of time, what you like or don’t like then you know no one will make a dish with food that you won’t eat.  :)  Easy enough right?  It’s a good idea to let each other know what you’re making too so you don’t end up duplicates.  Make sense?
Here’s the light lunch I prepared.  We had fruit, veggies, veggie chips, chicken salad, avocado chicken salad, mini whole grain pitas, cheese, crackers, pepperoni, m&m’s and cream puffs.  :)  After we ate we started by labeling our 5 bags.
Here’s the prep stations…..

I put together a pork loin with green beans, cranberry sauce and a homemade onion soup mix.  Only items I needed to buy were:  5 pork loins, 5 bags of frozen green beans, 5 cans of cranberry sauce and I made a homemade onion soup mix.  I put 5 tbsp of the onion soup mix in each bag.  When you’re ready to make this, just thaw in fridge the night before.  Spray your crock-pot with non-stick spray and dump in the contents of the bag.  Cook on low for 8 hours.  That’s it!  :)

Now my freezer is packed with meals that I can’t wait to try.  My girlfriends, and I are already planning another freezer meal prep party for next month.  It was a lot of fun and these meals are perfect for busy days when you just don’t feel like cooking.  :) It’s a win, win and you get to try new things too.
Here’s ‘8 healthy crock-pot recipes‘ that you and your friends can make.  :)
I've already finished off all of these crock pot meals.  They were all delicious.  We loved everything we had and it was nice to come home from work with dinner ready.  And the house smells great too.  :)

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