December 17, 2014

3rd Work Food Swap

I organized to have our 3rd work food swap and it was today during our lunch hour.

Here's the past work swaps:

We had 9 people participating today.  We did an even trade with our items so everyone would get each item.  We each brought 8 items to swap and a sampling of our item.  One person ended up not showing up.  I think she was sick?  We went ahead and collected each extra item and took them to her anyway.  :)  After all it is the season of giving.  :)

Here's my plate of goodies.

Paula, brought crab dip and crackers.  She displayed everything in cute little bowls!

Sue, made chicken salad.  She had little containers for us to take with the chicken salad.  For the samples she had tiny red solo cups with chicken salad, crackers and grapes.  She displayed it all  in a basket with Christmas lights which I thought was just adorable!

Deirdre, made homemade potato salad.  Soooo good.  I had seconds.  We each got a container to bring home.

Jane, made pepperoni rolls.  So yummy!!!  Yes, we each got a pepperoni roll.  Jane said she got up at 5am this morning to bake all of these.  They are worth it!  I will probably be taking some of the roll for lunch tomorrow.

Gayle, made little wreaths with clementines for each of us.  They are cute!  For the samples she had a clementine cut up.  The wreaths make cute centerpieces.

Sharon, made banana bread.  Vanilla and Chocolate!  We each got a mini loaf of each one.  These are really good.  And it's only 3 ingredients.  Box of cake mix, eggs and bananas.  What?  LOL  It really does taste like banana bread.

Sam, made peppermint bark.  She packed it in cute Christmas treat bags.  MMMMM!!  :)

And here's my yumyums.  :)

It was a lot of fun.  We are already of thinking of doing another one around Valentine's Day.  :)

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