December 7, 2014

Ohio 2014- Part 2

Black Friday

We got up, had breakfast and took our time getting ready.  We had a few things we wanted to do but we weren't in a rush.

The first place we stopped at was what used to be a leather shop that we always visited while in town.  It was an Amish business and Nate has several belts and I have several wallets from this place.  It's now an Amish fabric store.  We walked around and I sneaked a few pictures.

Amish bonnets

How adorable are all of these fabrics?  So many colors.  

I asked a young Amish woman who worked there about the leather shop and she apologized about RW.  She gave me a brochure for Coblentz, which is a leather shop in Berlin.  We headed to Coblentz and once there we walked around the shop.  We didn't buy anything but the nice Amish man gave us both a keychain for stopping in.  Very kind.

Outside there was a little table and tent set up with Amish kettle corn popcorn for a donation.  I put a few bucks in the jar and grabbed a bag.

Buggy parked outside of shop.

The business had some goats.  The sign says "Don't let the goats out no mater what they tell you".  ahahahaha  Cute!!

The goats watched me but were too lazy to come over.

We drove on down the road.  We passed this beautiful Amish home.  

We stopped in at Wendell August.  We were greeted with a chocolate chip cookie and we walked around looking at all the amazing handmade pieces.  
I also got my picture taken at the World's largest buggy.

After that, we drove to Charm and stopped in at Guggisberg Cheese.  BEST BABY SWISS CHEESE EVER!!  :)  They were having a black Friday sale so we picked up a big wheel of cheese and 2 small wheels.

We also picked up 3 rings of Troyer's Genuine Trail Bologna since it was on sale too.  This stuff is awesome.  :)

We normally go to Walnut Creek Cheese but figured this time we'd skip since we'd gotten the cheese and bologna already.

We were hungry for lunch after shopping.  Every time we go to Ohio we always make a point to stop in at Chalet in the Valley.  We went here while we were on our honeymoon in 2000 and they gave us a free dessert congratulating us.  (They saw the "Just Married" sign on the car).  They are always so nice and the food is soooo good.  It's one of my top places to go in Amish Country.



I got the Guggisburger.....without mushrooms.

Nate ordered a double shot of espresso.  

Instead of free bread sticks they serve you pretzel bread sticks while you wait for your meals.  These are to die for.  I could make a meal with just these.

Our food came and it was so yummy.  I was so excited to see that my Guggisburger came on a pretzel bun.  Soooooo good.  I can't wait to go back for another one of these.

I'm standing at Chalet in the Valley in this picture.  This is the Guggisberg cheese shop across the street.

We then headed back to Walnut creek to drop off our cheese and bologna to the fridge.  I had Nate stop at Hershberger's Farm and Bakery.  They are known for their fry pies.  I always get one when we visit the area.  Nate waited in the car and I ran in.  The place was booming with tourists.  I grabbed 1 cherry fry pie, and a package of homemade buckeyes.  (I forgot a picture)

I did manage to get this awesome picture.

I walked around and looked at all the cookies, whoopie pies, pies, candy, etc.  So many treats.  I also tried a homemade caramel in the candy shop.  There were some Amish girls making the candy and they had samples.  It was hard to resist from buying all.the.candy.

We did a quick drop (cheese and bologna) at Nate's Aunts house.  And then we went to the nursing home that Nate's Grandma is at.  It's literally 1 minute from Aunt's house.

Grandma has a nice view of the countryside out her window and all around.

Here's Nate with Grandma.  She was so happy to see us.  We visited with her for several hours.

When Nate told his Grandma that he was running 4 half marathons in the span of 4 weekends back to back she said "It's better than getting drunk and sitting on your ass every weekend".  She's so spunky!

Nate's 2nd cousin, Brady (who was our flower girl when we got married) works at the nursing home. I sent her a message telling her we were with Grandma and she stopped in to see us.

Here's Nate and me with Grandma.

After our visit we headed to Nate's Aunts house.  Nate's Aunt and Uncle wanted to take us to dinner.  Nate mentioned the night before he wanted a steak and baked potato for his pre-race dinner.  Nate's Aunt knew exactly where to go.  She said Malcuit's Tavern in Strasburg.

Here's Leah and Stan.  They are so sweet and kind.

I got a house salad with ranch as one of my sides.  I also had some garlic toast.

I got a steak well done and a baked potato with just butter.  This was probably the best steak I've ever had.  So juicy and delicious.  Nate tried sneaking the bill but Stan wouldn't have it.  They wanted to treat us when we wanted to treat them.  LOL  They are so nice.

After dinner, we drove to Hiland High School so Nate could pick up his packet and bib.  Here's Nate getting his shirt.  Bright neon green.

Here's Nate holding his bib.  This picture is awesome because his dad went to this high school and his dad was always in the gym announcing/playing basketball when he wasn't on the farm.

We got back home and watched some TV.  Stan surprised us with a little bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream.  YUM!

We had a great day.  I don't think I could live in Amish Country b/c I feel like I would be 800 pounds with all the good food.

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