December 13, 2014

Christmas Tree 2014

I had mixed feelings about decorating my house for Christmas this year.  How could I look at the tree and not see my Harley curled up underneath watching me?  :*(  I miss him so much.

Earlier this past week, I decided I wanted to decorate.  I brought the Christmas ornaments box upstairs.  I was hoping my husband would bring the tree up.  I had it sitting at the bottom of the basement steps for 3 days.  He didn't take the hint though.  :(  

Today, I cleaned the house and then brought the tree container up.  I scratched my arm in the process but I got the tree upstairs.

Here's a instacollage of some pics.  The plaid is my tree skirt (still has some Harley hair b/c he always laid on it), the tree being assembled, lights, ornaments and the tree set up.

I got the lights on the tree and then I started going through the ornaments.  I dropped one and pieces shattered.  It was our glass pickle that our friend, Laura gave us years ago.  :(

As I was going through the ornaments, I found one that made me cry.  It's a salt dough ornament I made in 2012 with Harley's paw print.  ;(

I put it on the tree.  Harley might have passed away but he's still with me in my heart and with little reminders.

I have lots of tiny little baubles.  I love baubles.  Just the name bauble makes me smile.  haha

Here's some ornaments that I like.

Sibling ornament.

A clown I made in middle school.

Here's the ornament I got while we were in Ohio.  It was a freebie for Nate's half marathon run.

This is one we already have.  :)

The tree is all decorated and looking cute.  :)

We normally put the tree in the corner of this room (to the right in picture) but I decided I wanted it in front of the windows this year.  I like it here since it's such a big tree so it doesn't look so crowded in front of the windows.

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