December 25, 2014

December Birthdays/Family Christmas 2014

Last weekend, my family and I celebrated my siblings birthdays and family Christmas.  

I had to work that morning/midday for a radio remote.  It was soooooo cold out and it was up in Northern Virginia.  We got there early and good thing we did b/c traffic got really bad with accidents and volume.

Here I am in the radio van with the heat cranked trying to warm up.  :)

The remote was done at 3 and we packed up as quickly as possible so we could head back to station.

On the road, my promotions guy, Matt asked if we should try out the new 95 express lanes since they are free until the 29th.  I said sure.  And we did.

Here's the new part of the express lanes.

Then well, we got stuck in traffic where the hot lanes dump back into the main lines.  In this picture you can see the main lines of 95 are free and clear and the hot lanes were a hot mess.  LOL  I won't be using these again especially since they will start charging you.  You could end up paying $20 a day to ride these lanes.  The rates are based on traffic.  No thanks!

We got back to the station around 4:20pm.  I was able to change, and grab my siblings birthday presents.  I baked them my award winning homemade chocolate chip cookies.  We had reservations for Logan's at 5pm.  I left the station and sat on Rt. 3 in traffic.  But I did get to Logan's at exactly 5!

After dinner we talked, exchanged gifts and passed E around.  :)

Here's Nate and E.

This is a cute picture, except Nate is blurry.  haha  (E's dad D is in the background smiling).  :)

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