December 25, 2014

Christmas Morning 2014

Nate and I slept in late this morning.  We finally woke up around 10am.  It was nice not having the radio go off at 7 or 8.  :)

After we got up, I came downstairs and grabbed a present that's been sitting under the tree.  It's from my BFF.  She surprised me with a gift.  She said when she saw it, it screamed Bonnie so she had to get it for me.  :)

I opened it and actually squealed with excitement.  It's a little greenhouse ornament.  
How awesome right?

It's soooo cute!  :)  I immediately, put it on the tree.

I then put some pillsbury (reduced fat) cinnamon rolls in the oven and baked them up for breakfast.

Yes, I added some red and green sprinkles on 2 of the cinnamon rolls.  Why not?  It's Christmas.

Yummy!  :)  Merry Christmas!

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