December 8, 2014

Ohio 2014- Part 4

On Sunday, November 30th we left for home.

We stopped off at Der Dutchman before we left I could get a picture of the valley.

The red barn is my favorite.  :)

We decided to check out the World's Largest Cuckoo Clock that's in the town of Sugarcreek on our way out.  It was 1 minute till 9am so we parked the car and walked over to the clock.

There is a huge copper pot in the front.  I guess it probably holds flowers in the warmer months.

Right at 9am the clock played.  The clock started.  A cuckoo bird came out tweeting at the top and then the band came out and some little dancers started twirling around to the Polka music.  It was very cute.  It went on for a good 2 minutes or so.  It was fun stopping in to see it.

We decided to take a selfie in front of the clock.  Why not?  :)

Nate's Aunt and Uncle packed up some goodies for the road for us.  They sliced up some baby swiss cheese, trail bologna and crackers.  We took it out once we hit I-77.  Yeah cheese and bologna at 9:30am!  Sure!  :)

On the PA Turnpike right near Somerset there's this farm I love.  It's got a huge billboard to drink milk.  I got an awesome shot of the farm.  

Once we got onto Rt. 17 the sunset was pretty and I noticed a lot of plane lines were in the air.  It was def a busy air travel day with everyone coming home from Thanksgiving.  The sky was so cool looking and I got a nice picture of it.

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