December 13, 2014

A quick visit

K and I wrapped gifts for 3 little girls in my life.  :)  E, A and C.  

K had to leave to meet her mom for birthday dinner so I stopped off at my sister's house for a bit.  My sister and her friend were making cake pops for a work event.

I took off my Toms as I walked in and somebody decided to put them on and walk around in them.  :)

E wanted me to pick her up.  I did and we went over to the Christmas tree and looked at the ornaments.  This is my favorite.  It's E's little hand print.  :)

E and her friend H played piano together.

How cute are they?

H and his mom went home and I stayed for a few more minutes.  E played on the piano some more.

E then got changed into her cupcake PJ's and I helped her on the couch.  My sister put on a Christmas Curious George movie.  E could not turn away.  Isn't she a doll?  :)

I had dropped off some of my funfetti cupcakes for my sister to enjoy.  Later that evening my sister sent me this picture of E enjoying a cupcake.  How cute?  Love her!

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