December 7, 2014

Ohio 2014- Part 1

On Thanksgiving morning we packed up the car and headed out for Ohio.  From where we live in Virginia it's about an 8 hour ride.  It was a really cold morning.  By the time we got an hour down the road it was snowing and sticking to the ground and trees.  

The Plains, Virginia

Paris, Virginia.

Heading towards I-81.

We stopped off in West Virginia for a quick bathroom break and Nate got some WVA snow and put it in a ziploc bag and iced his knee.  It was a little sore so he figured he'd ice it.  The best part, as he's doing this "Cold as ice" is playing on the radio.  LOL  How awesome eh?

Once we got to the PA turnpike in Breezewood, PA we got stuck in some congestion.  Probably lasted 15 minutes or so then it cleared out.

We stopped at the first turnpike service station.  We had a quick bathroom break and I made turkey sammiches in the car.  I brought a cooler with turkey, provolone cheese slices, mayo, cranberry sauce and some rolls.  I also had a snack bag for the car.  (chips, veggie stix, fig newtons, cheerios, nature valley bars, bananas, peanut butter, and bottled water)

Here's my sammich.  It has cranberry sauce on it.  So yummy!!!  There was no way we were not going to have turkey on turkey day.  :)

We finally got into Ohio.  At this point there's still a way to go but we were glad to be almost there. 

We got off I-77 and onto Rt. 39 to take us to Walnut Creek, Ohio.  We were so happy to see this sign.

We were even happier to see this sign.  :)

And I was happy to see a buggy right as we came into Walnut Creek.

We got to Nate's Aunt's house and had a delicious dinner.  Oh and the chocolate peanut pie Nate's Aunt made was soooooooooooooooooooooooooo good.  :)  We chatted with everyone and I know we slept like little babies that night.

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