May 15, 2016

Spring Judging School 2016

This past fall, I took some classes for judging school to be a judge at fairs.  The classes I took last year were 'Interview Judging', 'Cut flowers/Plants' and 'Veggies/Produce'.  I had fun.

I saw the event listed for the Spring Judging school and decided right away that I would go.

Here's a sign that was hanging in the main room.

There was coffee, OJ, bottled water, Krispy Kreme donuts, and fruit for breakfast while we mingled and waited for everyone to arrive and check-in.

After introductions it was time to head to class.  :)

My first class was 'Refinish, Refurbish, & Repurpose'.  I didn't take any pictures.  We did get several handouts.  We critiqued before and after pictures.  Some of the projects were really cool.

The next class was 'Baking – Breads'. We got a handout and then it was time to do some sampling.  There was biscuits, and different breads.  Some of the items were store bought to test us and also made wrong so we could discuss why it would get points taken off.

After the second class it was time for lunch.  There was sodas, bottled water, subway sandwiches, Wise chips, fruit, cookies.

After lunch it was time for my third class.  It was 'Baking – Cookies & Cakes'.  We got a handout and then it was time to do some sampling.  There was lots of fresh baked goods.  The teacher had some friends bake up some of these for us.  

Those of us that had the sampling were pretty full after we were done.  But we were told to only take a small square to taste.  Sometimes when you end up judging you might only have a few things to taste and judge but other times you might have a whole table full of stuff.  Small pieces just to get a taste.

I had fun and learned a lot.  The organizer who is a certified judge told me that I could mentor with her this summer so I am official.  Mentoring is the last step and then I can judge on my own.  :)

When I got home I put all my papers from class in my class book that was everything is together.

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