May 17, 2016

2016 Garden Update #12

Well it's still been raining here in Virginia.  Looks like more rain for the next few days too.

The grass is too high.  The one day the sun did come out the grass was just way too wet to cut it.

It's even seeded and has these beautiful purple flowers.

I had some waterlogged pots.  I figured the best thing to do was to carefully take the plants out and repot them with some fresh soil and then dump the wet soil.

Here's after I took the plants out of the one pot.

I put all the marigolds which I had in two pots and put them in one.  I plucked off the dead flowers and put them with my in ground tomato plants.

My snapdragons were pretty waterlogged too so I decided to repot them with fresh soil as well.

Just so much water there's no way this would dry out.

Plants are tucked in some fresh soil.  There's even some buds.  :)

Here's the wet soil.  I found an empty area in the yard near my greenhouse so I put it there and used my shovel to pat down.

My gladiolas were pretty waterlogged too.  I took them out.  Only two of the bulbs had sprouted.  I left them outside on the ground near my in ground tomatoes and the next was gone.  I couldn't find it anywhere.  Something took the bulb.  If I had to guess, I would say it was a squirrel.

I was talking to a coworker the other day and he was telling me that coffee grounds help tomato plants.  I had heard about this.  My in ground tomatoes seem to be growing slow so I figured maybe I would try to put some coffee grounds around them to put some nitrogen in the soil.  My husband got some Hawaiian coffee from a neighbor who had recently been there so I asked him to save the grounds for me and he did.  I hate the taste but I love the smell of coffee.

Farm fresh eggshells I crushed up for the tomatoes.  The egg shells provide calcium to the soil.

Here's the in ground tomatoes.  One plant has some tiny yellow blossoms.

You can see the egg shells sprinkled around.  I also put some coffee grounds on all my tomato plants.  Do you see the little lady walking around?

There she is on the rim of the pot.  :)

My peppers are doing well.

I did manage to pick up some more rocks from the dollar tree.  I got big ones to put in the bottom of 2 really big pots I have and I got small ones for my succulents.

I finally planted the last succulents I still had left to plant.  I put rocks around one of them.

I brought my potato plants out from my window garden in the house.  They were getting so big.

I pulled them out and took them to the greenhouse to repot them.

I put rocks in bottom of pot.  I then filled it up with soil.  And guess what?  I'm out of soil again.  haha 

The roots from these seeded potatoes were beautiful.

Look at them...

I planted them and broke one and in a fit of rage I threw it out of the greenhouse.  I hate how fragile the stalks are.  I staked all of them so they stay upright.  I have a really tiny one that I still have in the pot and it's now sitting in the middle of the pot.

My lavender is sprouting new flowers.  I need to see how to propagate it so I get more plants.

My small marigold plant.

My in ground sunflowers are so happy.  They love the rain.

My in ground green bean plant seems to be doing good.

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