May 17, 2016

CSA Box- Week 3

First thing, I did this morning was check my e-mail.  Every Tuesday I get a CSA e-mail on what would be in my box.  I picked up my CSA box this morning at the market.  There was lots of yummy items included.  The farmer spoke with me a bit asking how things were going with my box.  She said someone complained that there foods didn't last a day.  I told her that I always prep my items that need to be prepped the evening I picked up my box.  I said maybe the complainer is leaving everything out and not storing properly.  I mentioned that I'm happy with everything.  I also told her my husband and I have really been enjoying the items we are getting.  I said we've been trying new things like the swiss chard because of the CSA box.  I also said to her that I've made two different soups with it and they both turned out tasty and delicious.  I thanked her for sending out the CSA 
e-mails with recipes included too.  It was a nice chat.  I love knowing where my food is coming from.

Sneak Peek of the farm fresh produce.

The box was jam packed.

Here's the big picture of what's in the box.

-2 lettuces
-2 big turnips
2 large carrots
-bag of spinach
-2 greenhouse tomatoes
-4 small onions
-half dozen farm fresh eggs
-cilantro bunch (e-mail said basil but I def got cilantro)

I made a big salad for dinner using items from the CSA box.

CSA box-
-shredded carrot
-1 greenhouse tomato

Window Garden-

From fridge-
-shredded cheese
-bacon bits
-ranch dressing
-pork loin
-2 hard boiled eggs

This salad was fantastic.  I'm thinking about doing this again tomorrow night for dinner too.  My husband said yes.  haha  :)

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