May 1, 2016

DIY Mulch Path

On this garden update, I mentioned I wanted to make a mulch path.

I was sitting on the couch bored after a judging competition I did and I figured I'd get off my butt and go make my mulch path or at least start it.

I took a shovel and drew a line for the path.  I did not measure anything.

I used a shovel, garden hoe and garden claw.  I have so much chick weed.  Too bad I don't have my chickens.  They would wipe all this out.  haha

I pulled up the weeds with the garden hoe, claw and my hands.  Some of it pulled up so easily like it was sod.  It was so weird.

I found a lot of earth rooms.  haha

I got the path all dug out.  I still didn't do any measuring.

All clear...

Look at all the weeds.  A wheelbarrow and a box full.

I picked up a weed barrier from the dollar tree.  It seems pretty durable for something that's only a dollar.  But I guess we will see later on if it holds up and keeps weeds from growing through it.

I took the weed barrier out of package and kept it folded in half.  It was a perfect fit.  I was very happy.  haha  It said you had to nail down the weed barrier, so I got some nails from the shed and the hammer and nailed it down.

I then busted the bag open on the path and started spreading it all around in the path.

Here's what the path looked like.

I walked on the path to test it out.  It was good.   I know over time it will pack down better.

My mother had hand sewn a sunflower for me.  I decided to hang it up in my greenhouse.

Here's the after.  The sunflower looks cute hanging up.  I liked the path but I wanted more of the weeds in front of the greenhouse pulled up.  I pulled and I kept on pulling.  I cleared most of it out in the front.

Here's a long shot of the corner.

Is it complete?  No.  I want to get the other weeds pulled and out of there.  I have plans to eventually plant more things in the ground in this area.  But that might wait until next season.  We will see.

I'm also thinking about fencing off some of the area so I can protect my garden from my chickens.

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