May 4, 2016

Fun day with Ellie

After the Maymont- Herbs Galore and More event my BFF and I went to her nephews soccer game.  Her nephew scored a goal.  His team did really well.  There is no score kept but if they did track it his team would have won for the day.

Afterwards we went to pick up my niece for a fun outing while my sister and her husband went to see The Lion King on Broadway.

We picked her up and she was happy to go out with us.

Ellie is watching out the window as her daddy puts her car seat in the car.

Cute hair....

First stop....Chick-fil-a.  K and I were starving so we needed some food.  Ellie only wanted to eat her fries.  At least she was eating so let her eat her fries.

We stopped off at an Amish place.  It was a small shop that sold Amish foods and  A weird combo considering the Amish don't drink.  haha

Ellie asked for some chocolates so I let her pick out something.  She chose vanilla creams.

I let her have a piece as we drove to our next stop.

We went to tractor supply.  There were some little bacon seeds, I mean piglets at the entrance to the store.  E had to see them.  I worker gave E a muffin to feed the pigs.  She laughed.

Here's E watching the pigs.

Next we found a playground so E could run around and get all the wiggles out.

My favorite picture......

E had fun.  She did have a little bit of a fit when we got back to the car.  She didn't want to sit in her seat.  :(

We took her to Sweet Frog and she had a tiny bit of ice cream with some chocolate and a few M&M's.

We had fun.  By the time my sister was heading back home it was time for dinner so we all met at Panera so we could eat together and hear all about the Lion King Play.  It was fun.  My niece turned 3 years old yesterday and this weekend she's having a dino themed party and she's very excited.  It should be a fun day for all.  :)

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