May 8, 2016

Ellie's 3rd birthday party

Yesterday, was my favorites birthday party.  It was held at Three Lakes Park and Nature Center.

We had our own shelter for the party.

The birthday girl.

The cake my sister made.

Nana cookie dinosaur.

Dino eggs for favors.  These were M&M's.

Since we had rain for about a week and a half straight there was some puddles in places near the playground.

Ellie had so jump around in the puddles.

My husband brought his drone to fly around around to get some pictures.

Here's a picture he got of the shelter.  My dad is standing in the middle.

Here's a drone picture taken of all the guests who came to the party.

Ellie's family.

The nature center was cool.  The building closed when I got a chance to go see it so my dad, nephew and I walked around and looked at the lake.  There was a ton of turtles and fish.  It was really nice.


When it was time to leave Ellie came running down to Nate and me.  She needed another goodbye hug.  Then she came running again but this time with tears.  She didn't want us to leave.

She came running up to me and I picked her up and she gave me a big hug and said she didn't want me to go.  Poor thing.  I love her so much.

We decided since there was still some daylight then we would go to Nate's parents house and visit with them for a little bit.  Plus, Nate wanted to show his parents the drone.  Here's a picture Nate took of us with his drone.

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