May 8, 2016

2016 Garden Update #10

We have had a lot of rain lately.  I think we got rain for like a a week and a half straight.  So annoying.  I love rain but I hate downpours.  We needed the sun to shine.  I had to move my containers in the greenhouse so stuff wouldn't flood.

I packed everything in there because I didn't want to lose my plants.

Today, I decided to bring everything out and check all the plants to make sure they were good from the rain.  I added some more dirt to some of the pots that had some excess water.  I also cleaned out my greenhouse.  I had some trash in there I needed to get out and I swept and wiped down my shelf.

My succulents are doing well.  I still need to pot 3 and re-pot another.  I picked up some more ceramic pots this past week at the dollar tree.  All they had were orange so I picked up the last 4 they had.  I need to get some more small river rocks tho.  Might be making a dollar tree trip this week.

I also got some mushrooms from the dollar tree.  There's a cute fairy garden section.  They were sold out of everything but they had some more items restocked when  I was in there.  I had to get the shrooms.  haha

I finally have my first sprout of my hycacinth.  My mom gave me the bulb at Christmas.

From all the can see some of the flooded mess.

I did use up all my dollar tree river rocks and put them in the gnome garden.  All I need now is a fence.  I also need to repaint some of these guys to make them like new again.

We had a visitor this past week.  When I was filling up my water jug I saw a baby bunny.  I had Nate come outside and he came over and picked up the little guy.  He wasn't scared of us at all.

I had a ladybug visit as well last weekend when the sun was briefly out.

I forgot to mention last weekend I planted some cucumbers inside.

I also planted some potatoes last weekend.

I have several small sprouts.  YAY!!!

I have some iris in my front flower bed.  One fell over and uprooted from a fast storm that passed through.  I planted it in front of the greenhouse but then decided to put it in a pot this afternoon.

It might be moved again before it gets it's final place.  haha

I went to lowes this past week.  I picked up a cherry tomato plant and 2 peppers plants.  I got some fresh dirt too.  :)

My sunflowers in the ground are taking off.  I took down the netting system I rigged up and have now placed a bunch of forks around the sunflowers to keep predators out.

I planted the sunflowers I had in the greenhouse.  I figured they needed to be with the other sunflowers.

I planted my lonely green bean in the ground.  I also have a trellis ready for when it gets bigger.  If you look close enough you will see some sprouts from the mixed flowers I planted in ground.

Inside my house at the window my plants are doing so great.  They loved that the sun was finally shining today.

I had to tape the peas to the window like I did in the past.  They needed something to help them stay up.

I have some squash ball sprouts.....this was last week.

And here they are today.  So big.  I'm gonna have to re-pot these soon.

My chives.  I love these and I have no idea why I never kept these before.  I love going over and snipping some and sprinkling them in dinner.

That's my update for now.  I hope the sun stays around for a while so my plant babies can get real big.

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