May 17, 2016

Melissa's Farm Trip 3

I went to my friend, Melissa's farm this past weekend.  It's always so fun going out to see the chickens.  Melissa and her son gave the chickens some treats.  The sounds the chickens make for treats is so funny. 

Here's Memphis.  He's the main Roo on the farm.  He's also the favorite Rooster and he's very nice.  Here he is jumping for his treat which he completely missed. haha

Girls running to fence to see what's going on.  They were watching and chatting while Memphis was jumping for treats.

Once we got in the gate all of the hens and the roos started doing tricks for treats.  Here's Memphis again jumping up.

This is Roo the Rooster.  His comb looks like a mohawk.  haha

We went into the coop to see if there were any fresh eggs.  There were two hens.  We didn't disturb them but we're pretty sure they just laid an egg and were just sitting there.  We did grab one egg that was in another nesting box.

Before I left, Melissa gave me a dozen farm fresh eggs.

I also gave Melissa the car decal I got for her.  She loved it and couldn't stop laughing about it.

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