May 2, 2016

My Chicken Coop

A few weekends ago, I planned with my in-laws to build my chicken coop.  I want to get everything ready for when I bring my girls home.  I had to work that morning and was going to meet my in-laws back at my house after work.  When I got home, my in-laws were just finishing up the build with my husband.  YAY!!!!  It's all done.

Look how cute it is?

This is the box from the coop.

This is the box to the attached run.

I love this coop.  It's perfect and I hope my girls like it.

There's three nesting boxes.  I can't wait to come here in the fall to see eggs in the boxes.  The black tray in the middle is what will catch their poop while they are sleeping on the roosting bar.

Don't you love it?

My husband and in-laws tried tricking me.  The ladder wasn't in the coop.  I said "Where's the ladder" and everyone looked at me like I was crazy.  I said "how are the chickens going to get to their roosts and nesting boxes if they don't have their ladder" then I pointed it out on the box.  They all were like hmmmm.  I ran into the house to grab the instructions and was just about to call the 800 number and my father-in-law pulls out the ladder.  They all laughed at me and said it was a test to make sure I knew there should be a ladder and what it's used for.

Now I wait to bring home the girls.  :)

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