May 13, 2016

Backyard Chickens Update #9

First off, I bought a couple of things off Etsy that I had to have.  

1st.  This adorable chicken decal for my car and my rainman (planner) because why not.  How cute is this?  I got it from JennsCraftRoom.

2nd.  I had seen a rock that had been hand painted of a barred rock chicken.  I loved it.  I even had it on my wish list.  When I checked on the rock to see if it was still available it was not.  Someone had purchased it.  I contacted the maker and she said she would make me one to purchase. I asked if she could make a australorp and an ameraucana chicken as well so I could have all three of my chickens painted on rocks.  She did!!!  She had them ready the next day.  I was so excited and I purchased all three.  She is a very talented artist.  I got them from AlisonsArt.

My chickens will be 5 weeks old next week.  They are getting so big.

How cute are they?

I'm going to see them this weekend and I can't wait.

Things to do before I bring them home....

-paint the chicken coop.  (it only has primer.  My MIL is going to do this.)
-block off the basement windows so chickens don't fall in them
-fence off garden area
-cut grass (husband)
-get a rubbermaid container for the pine shavings
-put shavings in coop

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