May 4, 2016

Maymont- Herbs Galore and More

This past weekend, I met my BFF and Mother-in-law at Maymont for the Herbs Galore and More event.  It took me about 20 minutes to find a place to park.  It was CRAZY!!!

There was a $5 admission to get it.  Once in you can go to around to the different vendors.

There was a lot of plants.

I saw these painted tires.  I love them.  I thought about something I'd seen on pinterest for my chickens to take a dust bath in painted tires like these.  They were $44 which I thought was a little pricey.

Everyone had a wagon filled with plants.

There was so many different plants.

I saw these bleeding hearts and loved them but they were $30 and only in white.  No thanks!

Kristen and I loved these flowers.  They are called Helitropes.  They smelled so nice.  They had purple and white.

The purple of course caught our eyes.  haha

Ideas on what to do with succulents.  The wreaths were adorable.  Each wreath has soil inside and it's wrapped with moss to keep soil in and then succulents are planted into the moss.  So cute.

K picked up some succulents for something she's going to make with them.

I saw these passion flowers and I knew I needed one.  I tried growing some from seed but they never sprouted.  I talked to the grower and she said they are really hard to start from seed.  I might try again because I won't be defeated.

So many pretty flowers.

I found some big potted pink bleeding hearts in a booth for $15 so I got one.  I've been wanting one for my kitty sons grave and these are just perfect.

More succulents......

We saw these containers and they are awesome for an herb garden.  Too pricey for us though but they are really cool.

There was some day lilies that were bagged up for $5 each.  My little sister had volunteered a few days before at Maymont digging up some flowers and bagging them for the sale.  These bags could be some of the ones my sister dug up.

Here's the plants I got.....

Purple Helitrope ($5), pink bleeding hearts.  ($15)

Pumpkin plant for $1 because he was too cute to leave there.

Passion flower ($10)

Wisteria plant for $2.

I spent $40 total.  My mother-in-law went to buy a $2 plant when I was getting some and I gave the $2 to the cashier before my MIL could pay.  haha  :)

We had a lot of fun.  I want to go next year and I want to bring a wagon with me.  I also want to get there much earlier so that I can find a place to park right away.

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