May 10, 2016

CSA Box- Week 2

Last week, I picked up my first CSA box.  This morning, I picked up my second box.  Each Tuesday for 24 weeks, I will be picking up a box of farm fresh fruits and veggies.  :)

Here's the sneak peak of my goodies.  My half share box was jammed pack.

Here's everything we got.....

-2 bundles of lettuce
-half dozen eggs
2 greenhouse grown tomatoes
-swiss chard
-2 small onions
-2 carrots

The strawberries are very tasty.

I love the colors of swiss chard.

Got beets?  I do.  And plenty of radishes.

For dinner tonight I made turkey burgers.  I sliced up one of the toms and some lettuce for the burgers.  I also am not using those fake chemical filled cheese slices anymore so I sliced some cheese from a real block of sharp cheddar.

I made a frittata tonight too.  We will have this for dinner tomorrow night.

I have farm fresh eggs, farm fresh swiss chard, a greenhouse grown tomato, bell pepper, garden chives, garden basil, farm fresh onions, pepper, nutmeg, bacon bits, and some shredded cheese.

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